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Sometimes life is so busy that our inner reserves become depleted, and we feel that we are struggling. Perhaps your body is a source of pain and discomfort, or maybe you feel lost or stuck in your life, and are ready for a change.

CJ offers one-to-one sessions to help you find ways to become comfortable in your body and mind, whether you’re experiencing physical or emotional pain, or finding challenge in movement. With CJ gently guiding, you will learn to slow down and explore where you are with kindness. You’ll then be better able to reconnect with, or find resources, and new perspectives to create genuine and lasting change in body and mind. ​

Depending on where you find yourself and what you want from the session, CJ offers a variety of ways of working to best meet what you need. Most sessions take place locally, but some sessions can be offered virtually (dialogue based sessions, one-to-one Pesso structures, or movement sessions).

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Why body-centred therapy?

The field of cognitive science – investigations into the process of acquiring knowledge and human understanding through thought,...

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