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Cheryl Jenkins


I’m fascinated by what it means to be human and the ways in which we can engage, enjoy, and experience life in a fulfilling way. I completed an undergraduate degree in nutrition and a PhD on stress responses, and continue to teach and write about the latest developments in health.

I have focused on researching the ways in which we can get the most from life and understanding what can limit us and stop us living freely and fiercely, particularly as a result of trauma and life challenges. A cornerstone of my work is gently engaging with the body, the mind, and the brain so that we can reconnect with all of our senses and learn to engage with our own nervous system.

I have been practising yoga since the early 1990’s and have been exploring and practising various styles of bodywork since 2000.


I have trained in a variety of modalities including shiatsu and body-focused dialogue, Thomas Hanna Somatics, yoga and yoga therapy, counselling, and the Pesso Boyden System of somatic psychotherapy. 


I'm committed to providing the best for my clients and receive regular supervision from my bodywork and psychotherapy mentors.


When not working, I love to be in or around the ocean.

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