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Shiatsu is a Japanese bodywork that draws on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist philosophy and Western psychology.


It is given through loose comfortable clothing, with a combination of soft and strong pressure, along with supported explorations of the pain-free range of motion in your joints to bring ease into your body.


Shiatsu is not done to you, but with you, listening to both you and your body’s wants and needs, responding to the subtle shifts in breathing and response to contact, meeting you in the moment, like a dance of awareness. There is a wisdom in the body, and when held in a way that feels just right, we feel met, at last. We begin to breathe easier, find a new sense of calm, a sense of ease and release, where a transformation can begin to take place.

I trained in shiatsu at the Bristol School of Shiatsu, where the focus is on working with the whole person, and assisting you to facilitate personal transformation and deep change in your life.

Wheal Coates
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