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"If you can sense it and feel it, you can change it!"

Thomas Hanna Founder of Somatics

I offer private sessions and courses in Thomas Hanna somatics, yoga and yoga nidra and have over 25-years’ experience of personal practice. I have studied with a variety of teachers including Duncan Hulin, Lisa Petersen, Donna Farhi, and iRest with James Reeves.

Somatics, developed by Thomas Hanna, includes gentle yet powerful movements that help you to develop awareness through movement, retraining your nervous and neuromuscular systems to ease stiffness, increase strength and flexibility. The classes are slow to enable you to begin to feel and sense in to movements and sensations in your body, and are suitable even if you are experiencing stiffness, aches, pains or are recovering from an injury.

Most often in life we use our bodies in habitual ways, taking part in the same activities, favouring the same sitting positions and unconsciously favouring one side of the body over the other. The brain will map these movements and they will become smooth and relatively effortless. The other, less used parts of the body have few maps, and over time we become less able to sense, feel and move these tissues with ease. But this can change!


When we practise somatics, or embodied yoga, we learn to move gently, mindfully, and to consciously engage our tissues to shorten, lengthen and release (or relax). We begin to connect with new ways to root into the earth, to receive support and rise up into space with ease and to build a new relationship with both our internal and external worlds. With time the practise can become a delicious way to learn to luxuriate in the movement of the body and learn to unwind and release deeply held patterns in both the body and mind.

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