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Our bodies are the vehicles through which we experience our entire life, our joys, our losses, our hopes, our frustrations, and our dreams. And, our bodies hold our entire life experience – our posture, and our expressions can mirror our relationship to our lives and the way in which we engage with others. Our experiences may shape us, but they do not need to define us.


We all face challenges in our lives from time-to-time, and we may disconnect from pain, intense emotions, and any discomfort we experience, and in doing so we lose connection with our bodies, and ourselves.


All of the latest research in musculoskeletal medicine, trauma, pain science, and neurobiology shows that to effect lasting changes in the body and the mind we need to work with the body, the brain and the nervous system. The body and the mind can no longer be seen as two separate entities, both interact and affect one another. The body-mind is one of the best tools that every person has to facilitate true and lasting change whether this is in our experience of pain, movement patterns, or our ability to enjoy and move forwards in life. To learn to be in the body, and begin to feel safer in our own skin, is to connect with who we are, to know where we are going, and what we most want in life.


Whether you work with me in one-to-one, group, or movement sessions there are some key skills that thread through my work. I work in a compassionate and client-centred way that best fits you, to ensure that you get what you most want and need from the work. 

You may develop awareness of how you feel both physically, and with time, emotionally. You will also be invited to learn how to self-regulate – to be able to meet your own sensations and emotions and respond appropriately and with kindness. All these skills involve a conversation between your body and your breath, which is a great indicator of your mind’s activity. Together all of these develop interoception and embodiment, and over time a sense of increasing awareness of who you are, what you most want in your life, and where you can reclaim agency in your life, build resilience and move towards a new way of being.

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