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What makes Pesso-Boyden different from other talking therapies?

Many therapies that focus on talking alone stimulate the left-brain connection to create awareness and understanding, but our lives are lived through our bodies.

Understanding alone does not necessarily change how we live our lives. Committed and precise bodywork – which is a cornerstone of the Pesso-Boyden method – also engages the emotional right-brain connection providing the conditions for healing of trauma, and reconnection with our personal power.

The Pesso-Boyden method is a form of body-based psychotherapy that focuses on tuning in to what is going on in your body in the moment. Paying full attention to body sensations, how we hold ourselves, how we breathe, and our tone of voice, especially when interacting with others. As we slow down and notice what happens within, we may become aware of a link to our past, a memory or an image, that somehow resonates with how we’re feeling in the present. We have the chance to explore what we might have needed, and create a felt sense of having that need met, in a way that best fits.

We then create a new body memory, and a new possibility begins to emerge of what it would have been like to have our needs met, so we can begin to reimagine ourselves and our lives with a fresh perspective.


Pesso A and Crandell J. Moving Psychotherapy: Theory and Application of Pesso System/Psychomotoer Therapy. Brookline books 1991

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