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I’m Cheryl Jenkins...

I'm a somatic therapist and over the past 15 years I’ve had the honour of helping many clients to learn to feel comfortable in their own skin, to find ease in their bodies and relief from both physical and emotional pain, to begin to feel and understand their emotions, to learn to make choices about how and when to express their emotions in relationship with others and open more fully to the possibilities that their lives hold.

Imagine… how different it would be if every person you meet had a place where they could feel safe to meet and explore their feelings, to be held safe to process their trauma, to begin to experience a sense of justice and agency, and have access to feelings of wellbeing and ease.


But the truth is that sometimes life is so busy that our inner reserves become depleted, and we feel that we are struggling. Sometimes this shows up as pain, discomfort, anxiety, or maybe you feel lost or stuck in your life, and are ready for a change.


I offer one-to-one sessions to help you find ways to become comfortable in your body and mind, whether you’re experiencing physical or emotional pain, or finding challenge in movement. I will gently guide you into exploring where you are with kindness. You’ll then be better able to reconnect with existing, or find new, resources and new perspectives to create genuine and lasting change in body and mind. ​

Depending on where you find yourself and what you want from the session, I offer a variety of ways of working to best meet what you need either in-person or online.

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